The Free Touch Up

Barber StationsWe frequently get guys coming in for a haircut a few weeks before a big event, and they are always asking whether they should come in for another haircut right before the event or not. Well, if you read our last post about getting a haircut before an event, you would be asking us about two weeks ahead of time.

One of our customers who is getting married this weekend came in for a haircut at the beginning of October. He wanted to know whether or not he should come in the week before, or the day of for another haircut. More than likely, his haircut a few weeks ago will last him until this weekend. If for some reason his soon-to-be-wife wants him to get a touch up, Dave’s Barber offers free in-between haircuts for a touch up. Our in-between haircuts take care of that pesky neck area and around the ears where hair can noticeably grow out.

Whether it’s your wedding day, or you have a big job interview coming up, take advantage of our free in-between haircuts that will keep you looking your best. In addition to our in-between haircuts, our customers also enjoy booking their haircut appointments online.