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Barber StationsWe frequently get guys coming in for a haircut a few weeks before a big event, and they are always asking whether they should come in for another haircut right before the event or not. Well, if you read our last post about getting a haircut before an event, you would be asking us about two weeks ahead of time.

One of our customers who is getting married this weekend came in for a haircut at the beginning of October. He wanted to know whether or not he should come in the week before, or the day of for another haircut. More than likely, his haircut a few weeks ago will last him until this weekend. If for some reason his soon-to-be-wife wants him to get a touch up, Dave’s Barber offers free in-between haircuts for a touch up. Our in-between haircuts take care of that pesky neck area and around the ears where hair can noticeably grow out.

Whether it’s your wedding day, or you have a big job interview coming up, take advantage of our free in-between haircuts that will keep you looking your best. In addition to our in-between haircuts, our customers also enjoy booking their haircut appointments online.

How Early Should You Get a Haircut Before an Event?

Haircut Woodstock, GAHere’s the scenario: You have an event coming up, and you know that you need to get a haircut so that your better half doesn’t kill you for looking disheveled. As time creeps forward, it’s the day of the event and you’re rushing to the Woodstock barber shop for a haircut. The only problem is now you don’t want to have that “new haircut” look.

The Solution: Well, there are a few ways to tackle this problem. The first, and hopefully obvious, solution is to not put off getting your haircut. If you truly don’t want to have that “new haircut” look, then you should stop by the barber shop at least a week before your event. When you come in for your haircut a week before, it gives your hair time to relax and it gives you time to fix that tan line on your neck if you’ve been growing it out this summer.

If you have waited until the day of or a few days before the event, your hair won’t have much time to grow out. There are minimal ways that we can manipulate your hair into not looking like you just got a haircut, but you would probably be happier with the results if you can at least stop by a few days beforehand. This will give your hair some time to relax.

At the end of the day, you should really make your haircut a priority a week before your event. For guys who need a haircut before getting married, this is a must for you. You can also take the time to book an appointment for you and your groomsmen for a straight razor shave for the day of your wedding to make sure that everyone got the “arrive well groomed” memo.

If you have any questions or need to book an appointment, contact our barber shop in Woodstock, Georgia today.

For the Love of Beards!

You’re probably one of three types of people when it comes to facial hair.

  1. You prefer to be clean shaven
  2. You prefer facial hair (even if it’s just stubble)
  3. You one day hope to let your facial hair grow

We don’t think one is better than the other, but the history of facial hair is very interesting. Beards have played a major role in the masculine timeline. Recently, we have seen more guys walking into the barber shop with with facial hair. As beards make a comeback into popularity, we thought it would be fun to share the graphic below. Check it out, and leave a comment below whether you have a beard or not. If you have a beard, let us know why you prefer the Grizzly Adams look.

A Passion for Beards

Protecting Your Skin from UV Rays 24/7

sun damagePart of being a well groomed man is taking care of your skin as well. One of the best ways to protect your skin is by investing in some UV protection for your face. If you think that you are out of harm’s way due to having a desk job, think again. As if it wasn’t bad enough to get hit by some serious rays at the beach, we now have to protect our skin against the energy efficient CFL bulbs that have recently been linked to skin cell damage. What does a guy have to do to protect his skin from the added dangers of office life? Well, an easy place to start is by protecting the skin on your face.

In order to protect your skin properly, it’s best to go through a few of your regular skin maintenance steps first. Start by taking care of your skin with your shaving routine. With the right routine, shaving can remove dead skin and keep your face clean. Make sure that you work a great pre shave into your daily skin care ritual.

Once you clear your skin with your pre and post shave, it’s time to prep your face for the day to come. All kidding aside, if you spend most of the day in the office, you can still benefit from using a face moisturizer with a little bit of SPF added to it. Craig the Barber from The Mens Room blog recommends Kiehl’s Facial Fuel SPF 15. As with most skin care products, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a reasonable price. You can also find skin care products with SPF protection for men as well. Every Man Jack is a brand that you can pick up at Target, and they make a face lotion and a lip balm with SPF 15.

If you have any questions about grooming products, feel free to ask us on your next haircut appointment or feel free to ask on our Facebook page!

Book an Appointment online with Dave’s Barber

As of today we are happy to announce that we have a “book an appointment” system live on our website. This will allow you to book your next appointment with us at just a click of a button. We are so excited that we are able to offer this service to better serve you, our customer.

To access the” book an appointment” feature, click on the book an appointment icon at the top right hand corner on our website’s main page. Just fill out the information as instructed and request an appointment time with the barber of your choosing. It’s as easy as that. If you are interested in a particular member of our staff for your appointment, check out our barber’s schedule.

We look forward to seeing you, and providing you with a quality haircut from barbers you can trust here in the Towne Lake community. For more information on our services visit our website or contact us today!

Book an appointment

How to Prepare For Your Kid’s First Haircut

haircutWhen it comes time for your child’s first haircut, it is very normal for the parent to feel apprehensive, as well as the child. Some parents think that they can just breeze into the barber shop without any practice beforehand, however this is not the case. Your barber will do his best to keep your child calm and under control, however all kids respond differently to scissors and haircuts all together. Before heading to the barber shop for the first haircut, it may help to follow these simple tips to make your kid’s haircut as smooth as possible.

  • Get your child prepared for process – Whether it be watching a video of a haircut or cutting a Barbie dolls’ hair, show your child how easy the haircutting process really is.
  • Find an unpopular time to go – Find a time of the day that will be the slowest for the barber salon. Sometimes the child only gets upset because of all the people around them. Ask the barber to show the child the supplies he will be using and walk him through the process. This could turn it into a fun experience rather than a dreaded one.
  • Make sure they nap and eat – Bringing your child into a barber shop hungry or tired is never a good idea.
  • Bring a special friend Allowing your child to pick a friend (real or fake) with them will help ease their fears. Don’t allow your child to bring more than one friend though because you don’t want to overwhelm them.

For your child’s first haircut, come see us at Dave’s Barber in Woodstock, GA. We will help your child feel as calm as possible and give a great first haircut.


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How to Control Your Dandruff

Many men are forced with a disorder called dandruff. Dandruff is caused by a fat eating fungus which lives in the scalp of most healthy adults. Here are a few ways to manage your dandruff or prevent it in the first place.

Eat Healthy – A healthy diet may actually ward off flakes by consuming enough Omega- 3’s, and B-Vitamins.

Don’t Stress – Stress on the body causes the body to go under all sorts of ailments, including dandruff.

Limit hair products – The hair products you are using may be the cause of your flaky hair. They may be causing the excessive drying which causes flaking.

Wash hair regularly – Dandruff loves oily hair, so fend off dandruff by washing your hair routinely. It may be import to actually wash and repeat in the cycle to wash away the waxy sebum.

Switch up your hair wash routine – If dandruff persists despite your regular hair was routine, it may be time to switch to something else. A shampoo with zinc in it will help fight off dandruff. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and make sure you leave the shampoo in for at least 5 minutes before washing it out.

Be patient with the dandruff removal process, as it may take up to a month to level out. If you have more questions concerning dandruff problems, ask us on your next trip to Dave’s Barber in Woodstock, GA. We have specific shampoos we can recommend to help you fight the dandruff.



Timeless Hairstyles for Men

Have you ever noticed that there are certain hairstyles that seem to last throughout the decades? These are styles that were established early on and became timeless through the years. Here is a glimpse at 5 hairstyles that have lasted throughout the years:

Side Sweep – A classic side sweep hairstyle says charms and sophistication. This hair style is perfect for the low-maintenance man with short to medium length hair.

Slicked back– A close cousin to the side swept look, this style also requires short to medium-length hair. Complete this look with wax and using a medium-toothed comb to lift the hair and flip it backwards.

Shag –This shaggy rock style hair is only possible with a great haircut. This haircut has surfaces over the years in a variety of lengths; however, short hair seems to be the most prominent right now. Wax and your fingers help create a piece-y effect on your mane.

Crew cut– The lowest maintenance of all the cuts. This do is for very short hair that needs little to no styling. A popular haircut among the celebrities; such as Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake.

Natural side part – Aside from the buzz cut, this hairstyle is one of the easiest do’s out there. The key to this hairstyle is making it look as effortless as possible with and keep your scalp barely visible with slight hair brushing.

If one of these do’s sounds appealing to you, come on in to Dave’s Barber in Woodstock, GA to get your timeless look today.


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Pre and Post Shave Preparation

good clean shaveA great shave isn’t necessarily about the shave itself, but more in the shave prep. Shaving during a hot shower will give you a little extra lubrication. Use a high quality shave oil, such as Soapbox Gypsy’s Pre-Shave Oil. That drugstore shave gel you have been using since your teenage years isn’t helping much. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to the good stuff.

Remember, shaving isn’t a race, take the extra time to add water to your blade before each stroke. There is nothing manly about nicks on your face. Shaving with the grain will help on your first go around to trim down the hairs on your face.  Going against the grain when shaving will give you the closest shave possible; however those who experience razor burn problems should hold the razor handle at ninety degrees. Applying hot water to your face before shaving will help open up your pores and allow for a closer, less irritated shave.

Once you have completely finished shaving you will want to wash your face with cold water to calm the skin. Afterward, apply a non-greasy moisturizer to prevent razor burn. Traditional aftershaves often contain alcohol, so stick with something that soothes the skin.

Now that you have a perfectly nice shave, come in to Dave’s Barber in Woodstock, GA and treat yourself to a clean hair cut.

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History of the Barbershop Quartet

Did you know that the barbershop quartet originated in an actual barber shop? The barbershop style of music is first associated with black southern quartets. Each barbershop actually had its own quartet. The first written use of the word barber shop, as in referring to the harmonizing, came about in 1910 along with the publication of the song “Play That Barbershop Chord”.

Barbershop harmony can trace its beginnings all the way back to the birth of traditional Western music. These chants were originally sung in unison, but over the years they slowly began adding harmony. There was no sheet music at this time, so the singers sung solely based on listening.

During this era, the local barber was more than just a hair dresser. Barber’s also pulled teeth, and performed minor surgeries. Barbershops slowly became a place for the town to gather and play instruments and sing while waiting for their turn.

At the turn of the century, amateur male singers would gather in quartets to perform at parties and picnics. Often time’s barbershop quartets would perform at Minstrel shows as a way to pass time, since no equipment was necessary.

In 1938 the Barbershop Harmony Society was formed for male singers. Today, the organization has over 30,000 members and can be enjoyed by many as a fun hobby.

barbershop quartetimage from flickr