Hair Cut – $16.00
Our hair cut service includes a complimentary shampoo and conditioning after the finished cut to ensure that you leave looking and feeling your best.

In-Between – $0.00
To keep looking your best, come back in-between haircuts for a free touch up around the ears and the back of the neck.

Senior Hair Cut – $13.50
The same hair cut service is given to our gentlemen who are 65 and over with a respectable discount that applies Monday’s through Thursday’s only.

Active Military, Police, Fire Cut – $13.50
The same hair cut service is given to our heroes who are currently risking their lives for our safety with an honorable discount.

Children’s Hair Cut – $13.00
We offer a discount for children 12 and under. We aim to please the kids as well as the parents. Dave also recommends that if the hair is cut to accentuate its natural growth it will look better longer and be easier to manage. Kids are often very active and do not necessarily want to maintain their hair. If very low maintenance is wanted, then we can create a short style that never looks bad even right out of bed.

Beard Trim – $6.00
The facial hair is shortened to the customer’s desired length and style. Beard trims are preformed with clippers and fine trimmers only.

Straight Razor Shave – $16.00
A service which can only be done by a licensed barber in the state of GA. Straight razor shaves have been enjoyed by men for thousands of years. While you recline back and close your eyes, we start with lather and a hot towel treatment. Then we reapply with a second treatment to open the pores and soften the beard. At this point, we shave the face with a straight razor. After the shave, a cool towel is used to close the pores and clean the face, and then an aftershave is applied. This can also be done to men with beards and goatee’s. We trim up the facial hair and then perform the complete shaving process. This cannot be beat! It is the perfect facial for all men.